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Specialized applications to Companies:

It is advisable for every company to have a well considered IPR  policy and all its systems made compliant to it. Best thing is to do the same right from beginning of the enterprise so that one is not saddled permanently to consequences of mistaken actions. However, if not done so far, any earliest time is the best time to make a beginning.

In fact, whatever is the size of the organization, right from a proprietary concern like a small workshop to a multinational company:

A company which is knowledge based has very obvious reason to care for IPR.  However benefits of IPR are not limited to a company which is knowledge based or R&D based. Even a purely job work company may also be doing the job in an innovative way which is making it more competitive than its competitors. Anything that you would like to keep secret from competitor to keep you more competitive is your intellectual property worth taking pains  to protect.