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IPR concepts / IAM guidelines for general application to profession / business

IPR concepts / strategies and Intellectual assets Management are based on following basic principles and concepts, which need to be understood for being able to use them skillfully for deriving maximum possible benefit:

  1. Every knowledge based business has its own base of knowledge which is original and makes it different and better than competitors. They have commercially valuable secrets. Howsoever they may be small, they are intellectually valuable assets, which have capability to generate commercial revenue income to the best of their commercial potential, if managed deftly.

  2. With global application of TRIPs and GATS, rules of business have radically changed.  Role of money power has become secondary and intellectual contributions are at the center stage of the business.

  3. Intellectually capable persons / organizations, although may be  economically under privileged, have unparalleled opportunity to assert, rise up and prosper irrespective of their size and status.

  4. Market and competition is now global, it is no more local. Aligning oneself for global competition has better chances of success.

  5. IPRs in the form of Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Geographical Indicators, Industrial Designs, Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits Act are equally useful to big as well as small business and creative individuals.

  6. IPRs are also equalizers between big man and small man in all the senses. They help small man to become big. They also protect small man from suppressive, bulldozing and dominating  effect of big man in the business. They are an effective prevention as well as remedy to fear of unauthorized use of intellectual property owned by anybody by others.

  7. Just as a good business idea or a good technology is not enough for a successful business, in addition to Financial Assets and their management, intellectual inputs and creations which go into building up the career or enterprise is an Intellectual Asset and its prudent and effective Management is the key to success.

  8. Best method to add value to intellectual ability is to protect its creations and globally market them under a well planned business strategy.

  9. It is best to start well considered Intellectual Property Management right from establishment of a career or an enterprise. However, it is never too late to begin the same even for an old enterprise as soon as it is realized that the same has been ignore so far and the business has since lost several opportunities in the past .