Antacids of this Invention


Executive Summary: Antacids of our invention are a totally new concept and on strength of their exceptional qualities are likely to prove to be revolution in treatment of acidity related gastro-intestinal disorders such as Heartburn, Dyspepsia, Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Ulcers and a number of non-specific gastro-intestinal symptoms.


The inventors see exceptional commercial opportunities in this invention and are on a look-out for a suitable collaborator for its rapid global commercialization.

Distinctive features of this opportunity are as follows:

  1. Antacids is a treatment to a category of life style diseases, the global market potential of which is as attractive as that of any successful New Drug Discovery, but shall need a far lesser lead time and expense required for hitting the market shelf from the invention stage.
  2. The presently available antacids have disadvantages which leave a vast scope and need for better products.
  3. Antacids of this invention potentially overcome most of the disadvantages of the known antacids so far and, in fact, are beneficial nutrients themselves with no plausible side effects.
  4. They are one of the most original ideas conceived in acidity treatment so far. There is no competing patents portfolio and practically no freedom-to-operate issues to be dealt with.
  5. A part of the product is likely to be eligible as OTC product in a very short time and rest of it may also take a very short time as compared to other New Drug Discovered to become eligible for OTC category.
  6. The product of this invention, can be described as a " Platform Product' i. e. which has a very wide application along several lines and its fundamentals are so good that it has come to stay for a very long time.

A note describing technical aspect of this invention is given below as a file as a Non-Confidential disclosure. Inventors shall be happy to provide full disclosure as soon as a Confidentiality Agreement is signed.


Inventors have no reservations for a thorough IPR due-diligence and freedom to operate analysis by their prospective collaborators.


Inventors shall appreciate expeditious handling at highest levels. They are looking forward to wrap up a conclusive agreement by around 1st March 2006. To achieve this goal, they shall be keen to reciprocate fast with parties who shall be fast in initiating a response, initiating evaluation and finalizing negotiations.




Technical Note 

Merits and business prospects of present invention on antacids:

Inventors’ perspective


Antacids as a major Pharma market: Antacids is a very vibrant, fast growing market related to lifestyle diseases. This is also a market where OTC drugs are most profitable proposition and are sought after with preference by rule in plenty and thrive in the market. With ever increasing professional competition in the world, a number of those who need transitory treatment by OTC drugs is ever increasing.


Limitations of presently available antacids: However, the drugs that are presently available are far inadequate in their efficacy and they have several undesirable side effects. Inadequacies of present range of drugs are fully covered by this invention.


Presently available antacids are broadly divided into two groups.


The antacids of the second group are available only on prescription and are not meant for treatment of occasional bouts of minor to medium episodes of acidity. Long  term risks of some of them are not known, and all of them are exposed to risks of unknown drug interactions if other drugs are being taken at the same time. Further, many people tend to avoid metabolic drugs if simpler and equally effective alternative is available.


Problems of inorganic antacids are well known. Undesirable side effects arising from inorganic antacids have been described elaborately in literature. 


Many proprietary compositions of inorganic antacids aim at using different forms and various combinations of them with a hope to counterbalance the benefits and disadvantages from each of them. However, satisfactory compositions are yet to be found out.


Antacids of this invention: This invention pertains to biochemicals that are part of natural food, and their derivatives. They are extracted from their natural sources in order to make their antacid properties explicitly available and to be able to apply them in therapeutically controlled manner.  

In summery, in whatever form, the antacids of this invention have practically no possibility of serious side effects that are unmanageable in a long run and have potential to offer  very safe OTC antacids which can also be used in long term treatment.

It is obvious that invention with these merits is naturally positioned to rapidly become global and win lion’s share in existing global antacids market.

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